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By igo | 04-04-2022

There is evidence to suggest that tech companies are increasingly thinking green - but why? Sustainable initiatives might have been treated with a lot more caution a few years ago compared to 2022...

By igo | 23-03-2022

Customer loyalty is crucial as it shows how they are willing to repeat their engagement with the business. Moreover, loyal customers usually spend 67% more than regular customers.According to a...

By igo | 16-03-2022

Frontline workers, the people continually on the forefront against COVID-19, are still carrying on essential work while the rest of the country encounters the third pandemic scare in as many years...

By igo | 02-03-2022

Social media has quickly been adopted by society as an innovative way to connect with people. It is no surprise, then, that it didn’t take businesses long to realise the potential that social media...