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Real customer data-driven insights

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Smart marketers trust iGo to put the smarts into their rewards and promotions. We offer predictive modelling, ongoing insights through our own research panels, as well as consumer segmentation and campaign analysis. And with our promotional intelligence, you’ll start to understand and know your customers better than they know themselves.

  • Recalibrate your targeting

    • Hard-to-retain clients
    • Your top value customers
    • Your segments' pain points
  • Discover new opportunities

    • Brand partnership opportunities
    • Higher performance placements
    • Emerging industry trends
  • Launch innovative campaigns

    • Behaviour-changing programs
    • Retention and acquisition strategies
    • Data partnerships
  • Continuously improve

    • Shapes your market strategy
    • Transforms audience messaging
    • Tracks brand & store performance
  • Shopper Preferences

    Understanding consumers can be a tricky challenge. What is "hot" today can be "cold" tomorrow. There are many factors that influence a shopper's preference and understanding which of those is most relevant to your business is where we can help.

  • Lifestyle Preferences

    There are many factors that influence category and brand purchases. One key influencer is lifestyle, which in many ways is more closely aligned to discretionary spend than other purchases.

  • Brand Preferences

    Billions of dollars are invested every year into brand advertising. Brand preference is one of the key benefits derived from data analytics. Being able to know what brands are influencing your customer is valuable insight.


Knowledge is Power

We can tell you things about your customers that they don't even know about themselves. Making decisions based on assumptions about your customers can lead to failed campaigns. Even customer surveys can be misleading and inaccurate. But the money doesn't lie. Data derived from millions of dollars' worth of consumer spend tells us exactly who spends what and where ... and why.

Exclusive and Australian

We manage a consumer discretionary spend profile product that can apply insights to any customer database.

We demonstrate the value of rewards cards which drives demand.

Proven, not assumed

We ask customers to tell us about their preferences and needs.

We retain a relationship with the customer through surveys and special offers.

Spend and brand based

We learn about customers by watching and recording how they spend their cash.

We manage a consumer discretionary spend profile product that can apply insights to any customer database.