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By igo | 24-11-2021

It’s a perfect storm that’s worsening business confidence: the pandemic, a significant rise in labour costs, and decreased demand for goods and services.Image source: Australian Bureau of...

By igo | 15-11-2021

How Brands Can Push BackPrivate labels have seen a lot of growth in the past decade. The companies which traditionally depended on their brand name to sell their product are now facing competition...

By igo | 08-11-2021

Changing shopping preferencesThe effect of constant lockdowns and harsh restrictions have made quite a significant impact on the digital retail landscape as the frequency of online shopping rose...

By igo | 25-10-2021

Consumers have undergone a once-in-a-lifetime disruption, creating new opportunities for nimble brands to build new relationships. With waves of new online customers, more tech-savvy consumers, and...