About Us

The customer engagement company


The iGoDirect Group offers an unparalleled 360º suite of marketing, insights & promotions services. Whether you’re looking to change behaviour, enhance loyalty or incentivise your customers, our innovative solutions unlock valuable insights for more informed business decisions and have driven hugely successful outcomes for many of Australia’s leading brands.

We solve problems through our strategic use of data insight to build customer-focused journeys that engage with your brand across all relevant channels and touchpoints. It's smart.

Smart ideas need to be executed flawlessly. By combining innovation, creativity and technology we deliver multi-channel campaigns and activities that maximise customer value and engage more of your prospects.

Since we started out in 1999 in Melbourne and we've been at the forefront of direct marketing and the evolving digital landscape. Our experienced specialist team offer our clients a fully integrated perspective on their marketing, from traditional direct mail right across the digital channels of email, web, and Social Media.

iGoDirect – a smarter way to marketing success.

A great team with experience

Established in 1999, iGoDirect has a wealth of experience in both direct mail and digital marketing. Leveraging both old and new technologies we offer our clients a fully integrated marketing service like no other.

Our in house team of marketing specialists cover everything you need to plan, develop and execute your marketing goals. From data analysis, campaign management, reporting and design right through to printing and mail fulfilment – we have you covered.


1. Bring Your Idea

Bring us a brief, or a target and we’ll get started on creating the campaign you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Stress Test

We’ll conduct a promotional check-up and evaluate risk factors against 20+ years of Australian campaign data.

3. Finishing Touches

We’ll discuss findings and advice on how the promotion can be made stronger.

4. Know it All

During, and after, have access to next-level reporting: not just the data, but actionable insights to continually improve results.

Our Satisfied Clients