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iGoDirect helps Red Smoke Alarms launch loyalty program for contractors

on Fri May 05 2024
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Red Smoke Alarms manufactures smoke alarms of high quality that are certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014. They are the only brand of smoke alarms that comes with a 10-year warranty across the entire range.


Red Smoke Alarms approached iGoDirect initially to source gift cards as the reward for a loyalty program they want to run. iGoDirect deployed their proprietary Loyalty-as-a-Service tech stack that facilitated the project from end-to-end, developing a bespoke platform to drive contractor’s loyalty, fulfilling the rewards, managing the claim validations and offering customer service.


The program is bespoke with the following features:

User-friendly and fully responsive microsite: Users can log in to their account and see their claim and checkout history. Password reset is also available on their Account Info.

ABN API lookup integration: to help validate the authenticity of the provided ABN from the user. Return-related claims restriction: users can only checkout their reward thirty (30) days after the purchase date. This provides confidence that if products were returned, there is ample time to decline their claim.

Instant Digital Visa rewards: sent out via SMS when users wanted to redeem their available balance. SOLUTION iGoDirect worked vigorously to design and create a loyalty platform tailored for Red Smoke Alarms’ contractors and installers.

In addition to a loyalty platform, Red Smoke Alarms and iGoDirect built and launched a B2B Lottery promotion. The serial numbers of the smoke alarms were used as the unique code to enter the lottery and the minor prize can be redeemed via their loyalty account, which encouraged sales and customer retention of the registered users.


The new loyalty program yielded significant positive outcomes, highlighting iGoDirect’s effective design of this solution.

Key results include:

Increased Contractor Engagement and Loyalty: The tailored loyalty platform saw an increase in contractor engagement, with more registered contractors than expected in the campaign. The user-friendly microsite and the ease of managing claims and rewards contributed to higher participation rates.

High Accuracy in ABN Validation: The integration of the ABN API lookup system proved to be a valuable asset in ensuring the authenticity of contractors. This feature significantly reduced fraudulent claims, leading to more accurate and reliable reward distribution.

Reduction in Return-Related Claims: The restriction on checkout thirty days post-purchase effectively minimised issues related to product returns. This precautionary measure ensured that rewards were only given for confirmed sales, thus protecting the integrity of the loyalty program.

Swift Reward Distribution: The Digital Visa reward was a standout feature, providing instant gratification for users. This not only enhanced user experience but also encouraged timely participation and redemption of rewards.


This project with Red Smokes Alarm demonstrated iGoDirect’s capabilities as a rewards and loyalty partner. iGoDirect was able to help the client develop a loyalty solution that’s flexible and scalable, tailored to Red Smoke Alarms’ requirements. The platform will allow future promotions to be deployed quickly and maintain engagement with their contractors.