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on Thu Apr 04 2024
  • Market Insights

Rinnai Australia manufactures and distributes residential and commercial heating, cooling, and hot water systems. They approached iGoDirect to help them launch a major sweepstakes promotion aimed at resellers. The campaign's success was crucial for enhancing brand engagement and boosting sales through its reseller network. Rinnai set a specific entry goal for the campaign to measure its success.


Despite a strong start, initial data indicated that the sweepstakes were likely to fall short of achieving the planned entry numbers. Failing to meet the goal could impact reseller enthusiasm and potentially diminish the overall effectiveness of the promotion.


Using predictive analytics, our team conducted an in-depth analysis early in the campaign period. Leveraging our repository of over 400 previous campaigns, we identified patterns and benchmarks that helped us forecast the sweepstakes' trajectory.

  • Predictive Modelling: Within three weeks of receiving initial entries, our analytics team employed statistical models to predict the final entry count. These models indicated a shortfall against the campaign's targets.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Based on these insights, we collaborated closely with Rinnai to devise a tactical intervention. We recommended and helped implement a series of targeted electronic direct mails (eDMs) to past entrants, reminding them of the possibility and benefits of multiple entries.
  • Encouragement of Repeat Purchases: The eDMs specifically encouraged repeat purchases by highlighting the increased chances of winning with each additional entry, aligning with Rinnai’s objectives to boost sales.
  • Driving Advertising Cost Efficiencies: Provided insights that optimised the allocation of advertising budgets to reduce waste and enhance the reach and impact of campaign ads.
  • Leveraging Your Existing Sales Team to Drive Program Improvement through Data: We equipped sales teams with data-driven insights, enabling them to fine-tune their approaches and refine their strategies and effectively target areas with previously underperforming metrics.
  • Understanding Focus Areas Critical to Campaign Success: We conducted a deep dive into key performance indicators to identify and prioritise areas that could significantly influence the campaign's outcome.
  • Effective Executive Management Tool to Drive Campaign Confidence: Our modelling offered managers clear actionable insights, which boosted their confidence in making informed decisions to steer the campaign and future campaigns effectively.


The strategic pivot to encourage multiple entries and repeat purchases resonated well with the resellers:

  • Achievement of Entry Goals: By the conclusion of the sweepstakes, the number of entries met Rinnai's initial targets, thanks to the timely adjustments based on predictive analytics.
  • Client Satisfaction: Rinnai expressed high satisfaction with the campaign outcome, appreciating the data-driven approach that allowed for agile responses to emerging trends.
  • Demonstration of Predictive Analytics Value: This case effectively showcased how predictive analytics could be applied in real time to adjust marketing strategies and achieve desired outcomes.


This project with Rinnai illustrates the critical role predictive analytics can play in marketing campaigns. By analysing data dynamically and adjusting strategies proactively, businesses can significantly enhance their engagement efforts and achieve specific marketing goals. This case study not only reinforces the value of data-driven decision-making but also highlights our analytics capability in practical, result-oriented applications.