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Marketing Strategy

iGoDirect’s multichannel approach to loyalty and customer experience ensures that you reach the right customers at every touchpoint in their journey with your brand. From program design to analytics, communications planning, and brand experience, we are committed to delivering marketing solutions that retain customers, drive incremental profits, and create stronger engagement between customers and your brand.

Data Analytics & Insights

We were doing big data, before it was “big data”. So we’re rather passionate about data driven marketing. Uncover hidden opportunities for quick, profitable wins; build long term relationships that are relevant to your customer all driven by hard data fact. From data mining and quality assessments to reporting, visibility and insight, our data team tap the opportunities in your customer data making it a valuable asset to your business.

Creative Design

We know the who, what and the when. But how about the look? Our design team build upon the data driven brief to create beautiful campaigns and activities that are designed to deliver your pre-defined marketing goals. From email marketing, web design, microsites and social to direct mail pieces that prove print isn’t dead, our design team complete the fully integrated offering of iGoDirect. It’s smart, and it looks good.


Our analytics services are equal parts analysis, business acumen, and vision. Throughout the life of your campaign or customer loyalty program, we work closely with your team to understand your marketing objectives and set key performance indicators for everything we do. We are here to make you look good, and we can prove it.