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Our loyalty program team brings best of breed expertise and technology in loyalty and customer engagement strategies. Whether you’re building the business case for a loyalty program, launching a program, or improving one that already exists, we can help.

We offer fresh perspectives and insights based on your specific needs and can tailor loyalty programs for businesses of any size within any industry.

Our data driven analysis offers a fresh perspective and greater insight of your loyal customers. We design loyalty programs that are relevant and offer tangible benefit to both the business and your customer.

iGoDirect start the process by gaining alignment around your key business objectives and priorities. Our data team will provide insights from your data, determine program feasibility, and build a financial model as part of the strategic recommendation. With the key pillars of customer acquisition, engagement and retention driving the program we will ensure your loyalty goals are achieved.


What do you need to cement that final relationship with your brand? Running in parallel with our loyalty programs our rewards team design, develop and fulfill incentivised rewards programs and activities. Covering both B2B and B2C sectors our rewards program enhances brand loyalty through smart fully financially modeled rewards mechanisms.

Our in-house CRM systems deliver a fully integrated support to your rewards program, tracking success and redemption. Stimulate the behaviour of your target audience be it Channel rewards across business partners or direct to consumer incentives to get them engaged, our EFTPOS cards are fully branded to build brand association; they can be reloaded, tracked and reported upon so you know who’s being rewarded and where they redeem.

Our rewards product is run by Rewards Come True, part of the iGoDirect group.